Prosecute every person involved in the deadly beating of Tyre Nichols

UPDATE: Thanks to your support, five of the Memphis officers involved have been fired and charged for brutally beating Tyre Nichols to death and a sixth — Preston Hemphill has been fired. ADD YOUR NAME to our immediate demands for accountability:

1. Hemphill must be prosecuted IMMEDIATELY for his role in murdering Tyre.
He tasered Tyre Nichols and was heard clearly on the body camera hoping that the cops “stomped his ass.”

2. EMTs Robert Long and JaMichael Sandridge must be charged with criminal negligence. They stood around and provided no medical care for Tyre for 19 minutes. Had they properly rushed him to the hospital, he might’ve survived.

As soon as you sign, an email will be sent to every single local leader who can make a difference here. Please share widely with friends and family so that we can get accountability!