Tell Killeen City Council to Ban No-Knock Raids!

James Reed was killed by Killeen PD in a no-knock raid on February 27, 2019. He was killed in his home for a drug offense. Since 2013, 2 Killeen police officers have been killed in the execution of no-knock warrants, and 6 have been injured. 

In 2020 Killeen PD banned no-knocks for 90 days to review the tactic. We are demanding that they permanently ban the use of no-knock warrants. No-knock warrants are dangerous for everyone - including the police!

Killeen City Council will vote on a no-knock ban on 4/27. Tell them to vote FOR the ban.

Step 1: Sign the petition.
We will send these directly to members of the Killeen City Council.

Step 2: Check your email.
We're going to send you a follow-up email with information about speaking to the city council in support of the ban.

Step 3: Call 254-500-2180 now. You'll receive instructions and be connected to members of the Killeen city council by pressing the star key. Tell them that you support a ban on no-knock raids and that they should vote for it on 4/27.