Demand that Sharon Hill Police are Held Accountable for Killing an 8 year old girl

Fanta Bility was 2 days away from starting 3rd grade when police in Sharon Hill, PA (right outside of Philadelphia) shot and killed her while she was leaving a football game with her family. She died in her mothers arms. 

Three officers are facing 12 criminal counts of manslaughter and reckless endangerment, but the lawyers representing the officers are trying to have the charges DISMISSED.

Sharon Hill also conducted an independent investigation about the current police policies and procedures and released a HEAVILY redacted report that doesn’t provide any information to the public. 

We can't let Sharon Hill Police avoid accountability for killing an eight-year old girl. Add your name to our petition and call 610-854-9464 RIGHT NOW to demand that the police officers who killed Fanta are held accountable and that the full report is released to the public IMMEDIATELY. As soon as you call, you will hear instructions from Shaun King before we connect you with leaders in Sharon Hill.