Name, fire, and prosecute the 8 officers who executed Jayland Walker

[UPDATE: All eight officers are now BACK ON THE JOB even as the investigation continues. We need to fight harder than ever to make sure that all eight of these officers are named, fired, and prosecuted]  

Akron Police basically executed Jayland Walker by a firing squad. Even though Jayland was unarmed, eight officers fired over 90 shots and hit him at least 40 times — riddling him with bullets from head to toe. It's been over two months and not one officer has even been named, let alone held accountable. 

New previously unreleased body cam video shows that these officers also turned off the mics on their body cameras when they realize that Jayland didn't have a gun.

Add your name to demand that the eight officers who murdered Jayland Walker are named, fired and prosecuted immediately.