AG Rob Bonta: Prosecute Jarrett Tonn for killing Sean Monterrosa and Investigate Vallejo PD!

Vallejo PD is one of the deadliest police departments in the U.S. and after three years, the former officer who killed Sean Monterrosa has STILL not been held accountable.
The department also has a horrific ritual of bending the badges of officers who kill in the line of duty, celebrating their brutality in backyard barbecues. And the police chief in Vallejo, who was working to implement positive changes, was sent racist death threats by the police union and forced to resign.

Enough is enough. California Attorney Rob Bonta needs to take action to finally hold Jarrett Tonn accountable and end unchecked police violence in Vallejo. ADD YOUR NAME to demand that Bonta:

  • Complete the investigation into former Vallejo officer Jarrett Tonn and charge him for the unjust killing of Sean Monterrosa.
  • Implement a federal oversight model for the Vallejo PD.
  • Open a federal pattern-or-practice investigation into the badge bending rituals and the culture of violence within Vallejo PD.